Welcome to my site!

I am an Interactional Linguist and Research Associate at the Faculty of Wellbeing, Education, and Language Studies in the School of Languages and Applied Linguistics at the Open University, where I undertake sociopragmatic and linguistic research of interactional data in English and in Spanish collected in different institutional settings. I have recently finished my PhD in Language and Communication at the Department of Language and Linguistic Science at the University of York, UK.

I am particularly interested in the study of phonetics and gesture as resources deployed and oriented to by participants in everyday talk-in-interaction. I am currently exploring the conversational practice of co-animation (i.e. joint reported speech) in English interaction, analysing its sequential, prosodic, and gestural design in different interactional activities, and how this practice and its design contribute to the display of (dis)association (i.e. the building of collective identities or social units) between participants in talk. I mainly work with the methodological and theoretical perspectives of Conversation Analysis and Interactional Linguistics.

For three years, during my PhD, I worked as a graduate teaching assistant at the Department of Language and Linguistic Science and briefly in the Department of Sociology, and I have taught in the UG modules ‘Introduction to Phonetics & Phonology’, ‘The Prosody of English’, ‘Articulatory & Impressionistic Phonetics’, ‘Understanding English Grammar’, and ‘Social Interaction and Conversation Analysis’. I have been a Spanish language tutor in the Department, and I have also assisted the Department of Education and the Centre of English Language Teaching tutoring home and international Masters students in EAP and academic writing. I have completed the York Learning and Teaching Award (YLTA) programme which awarded me Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy status, and my teaching performance has been recognised with a Vice Chancellor’s Teaching Award (2019).

I started my academic career as an EFL teacher and teacher educator. Before starting my PhD in the UK, I lectured in Applied/Practical Phonetics for over a decade and briefly also in Discourse Analysis at different undergraduate and graduate programmes in Buenos Aires, Argentina (ISP Joaquín V González, ENSLV Sofía B de Spangenberg, Profesorado del Consudec, Universidad de Belgrano, Universidad Nacional de San Martín), training EFL teachers and translators, pre- and in-service.

I hold an MA in English Language with an orientation towards Socio-Pragmatic studies (Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires). I have done independent and team research on prosody-discourse interfaces in English, and on the teaching of prosodic configurations of different speech genres from the perspectives of Systemic Functional Linguistics and Discourse Intonation (Universidad Nacional de La Pampa). I have briefly collaborated in research on grammar, pragmatics, and interaction in Riverplate Spanish (Universidad de La Plata).

I also occasionally blog and curate resources on pronunciation and phonetics teaching and learning, and I have made a number of professional development presentations and lead training sessions for in-service English language teachers.